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One of GSACC's main functions is to build community in San Clemente Villages through planning and funding events. GSACC has funded over 100 events, accumulating to over 7,500 residents attending! Some of the big hits were: Welcome Dessert Social, Fall Bake-Off, Ugly Sweater Party, Winter Wonderland Party, Painted Cabernet, Graduate Student Showcase Picnic, Cup of Culture, Pizza Nights, and many more. GSACC would love to hear your ideas to support community growth. Please fill out the funding request below in detail if you want to host a small-scale event. Note: Funding is not available in the Summer quarters.

Funding is determined by a few sources such as resident activity fees and the previous year's budget. GSACC has complete transparency to funding upon request. Please use the contact form if you have questions, and the current treasurer can provide a most recent detailed report.

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