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The Graduate Student Apartment Community Council (GSACC) is a group of residents living in San Clemente Villages (SCV) at UC Santa Barbara.

The GSACC functions primarily to help make SCV enjoyable places to live. We do this by planning community events and social activities and addressing resident concerns.

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When San Clemente Villages opened in September of 2008, Apartment and Community Living formatted the Graduate Student Apartment Community Council after the Student Apartment Community Council (SACC), which exists in the university-owned undergraduate apartment complexes of Santa Ynez, El Dorado, and Westwinds. The original Legal Code and By-Laws used by SACC were adopted by GSACC and have evolved each year to fit the needs of this community better

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The GSACC is open to all SCV residents. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings or get involved at any point of the year. The council comprises nominated representatives, elected officers, and SCV staff. The Executive Board consists of four officers: the President, the Vice-President, the treasurer, and the secretary. The remainder of the council comprises the General Assembly, representatives from throughout the community who help organize staff events and vote on GSACC issues. 

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At the beginning of each school year, GSACC will begin meeting every other week. The GSACC will publicize meeting times and places throughout the community. The first few meetings will introduce the GSACC and start the nomination and election process. Residents interested in getting involved can come to any meeting to learn more. If residents are interested in holding a position in the council, the specific information and process will be discussed there. Residents who want to be involved but do not want to hold an official position in the council are welcome to attend any meetings or events. The GSACC always appreciates the help, contribution, and resident's ideas!

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The GSACC is a great way to get involved in the San Clemente community. It provides many great opportunities for residents to meet new people, plan, organize, and facilitate social activities for the whole community.

The GSACC is also a great resume builder! GSACC provides many opportunities for residents to expand skillsets, whether holding a position on the council or learning the ins and outs of working in a student group. Residents fund the GSACC, and the funds used for events are resident's money. Being a part of the council means having a say in where that money goes. Last but not least, council members make a small quarterly stipend, and what student couldn't use a little bit of extra cash!

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